Vaksine Risks

Vaksine Risks

Teens and young adults: are you a follower? Or are you a Katniss, a rebel, a game changer? If you’re a follower who always just does what you’re told because everybody’s doing it, you can stop reading here. If you’re a rebel, you should know:

The world (including celebrities) are pressuring you, because THEY MAKE MONEY TO DO SO, to get injections of some dangerous products that have no long-term safety research, and are showing up to make people sick in the short term. Since 1986, you can’t sue the vaccine makers, even if you’re disabled or die! So, what has happened? Children are now required to get 20 times more shots than their parents were. Consequently, instead of 6% of kids having chronic illness, now 54% do!

And the covid vaxx is injecting synthetic RNA and antifreeze (polyethylene glycol) into human bodies for the first time in history, and with no legitimate safety testing. So, YOU get to choose what goes into your body. I consider this information so important, I actually paid my children to watch these interesting videos and tell me what they learned.

A few weeks after 6’9″ basketball center Everest Romney scored 18 points in a high school game, got the jab, and ended up in the ICU with blood clots in his brain, his father is now hospitalized weeks after the same first jab, with “countless” pulmonary blood clots like doctors have never seen before. I interview the mother and wife, Ch*rie R*mney, about “countless” tests they did on her son being negative; being lied about in the media; incompetent and dismissive doctors; and the fight ahead for her husband and son.


Click For Episode 231:
If Your Empl*yer Tries to Force You To Get Mabbbed, Do This

The carrots they’re offering you, and the sticks they’re threatening to beat you with, are just getting bigger. But you have rights guaranteed by INTERNATIONAL LAW, not to mention God-given natural rights, and the US Bill of Rights, and more–so, learn how to stand up to your boss. Or help someone else do so, whose job is being threatened. THIS EPISODE is the definitive guide.

These three women are health care workers severely injured by the Covid vaccine. They explain that about 100 people also having seizures and completely unable to work have contacted each of them in their group of 37 people similarly disabled. All mainstream media has ignored them sending in their stories, and Facebook marks them “false and misleading” and puts them in FB jail. Pfizer doesn’t respond or gives them the runaround and doctors don’t want to treat them. Despite decades of work in patient care, not one of them had ever heard of VAERS, the reporting system for adverse events, and all three had to report their own injury, no doctor did.

Del Bigtree uses a football metaphor to show how vaccine developer Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche is “blowing the whistle” on the experimental product being used on everyone at once will cost millions of people their health, and their lives.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has collected over 17,000 studies that the vaxx industry has tried to bury, discredit, or unpublish–proving the terrible health consequences (and even deaths) for many people who get vakseens. She explains, here, in a video millions have now seen, what the problems are with the covid vaxx. Another one worth the watch!


Click For Episode 210: Dr. Carrie Madej Tells You What’s In Those Shots

I interviewed Dr. Carrie Madej, who refused to be part of the agenda to force the whole world into the vaxx program, and I asked her, “what’s really in those shots?” She’s studied this for 20 years and shares some things about vakseens that you could discuss with your parents and everyone you know who is open to learning.

Bobby Kennedy is the nephew of the former US president, and he agree to “debate” the famous trial attorney Alan Dershowitz, whose contribution to the debate was to say, “Polio and smallpox were eradicated by vakseens.” In fact, the truth about that common assumption will shock you.

Pediatrician Paul Thomas MD published data about how his unvaxxed patients were 3x to 7x healthier in every way than even half-vaxxed— and 5 days later, he was stripped of his medical license after 35 years of practicing medicine.

Canadian doctor risks career by refusing to administer the jab, after killing one and severely injuring others.

And this Insta video is just for fun. Over half of black Americans are refusing the vaxx, probably because they were made medical experiments in the Tuskegee debacle and they don’t want it to happen again!

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