The Pfizer jab was not FDA approved – EUA was extended

The Pfizer shot was NOT FDA approved today.
They are playing word-salad with us (as is something they frequently do, in many industry-defending scientific studies).

In the FDA’s own documentation, the EUA was simply extended:
(see pages 11-13)

Their document says that they approved the “license application” for a new brand of biologics, COMIRNATY.

And then said they will add this one, COMIRNATY, as interchangeable with BioNTech Pfizer, under the same EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).

It’s still under emergency use auth, but the media is lying to us. It’s not approved.

So, what WAS approved was the COMIRNATY application… To be used interchangeably with the Pfizer shot.

They are both still emergency use authorized only.

Here is the proof.


Author: maskfree