CONFIRMED: Additional Data Corroborates Excess Deaths Among Millennials Since the Experimental Vaccines Were Mandated

As the Gateway Pundit reported earlier today, the most recent data from the CDC shows that U.S. millennials, aged 25-44, experienced a record-setting 84% increase in excess mortality during the final four months of 2021, according to the analysis of financial expert and Blackrock whistleblower, Edward Dowd, who appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room this week to discuss his findings.

Dowd, with the assistance of an unnamed “insurance industry expert,” compiled data from the CDC showing that, in just the second half of 2021, the total number of excess deaths for millennials was higher than the number of Americans who died in the entirety of the Vietnam War. Between August and December, there were over 61,000 deaths in this age group, compared to 58,000 over the course of 10 years in Vietnam.

In all, excess death among those who are traditionally the healthiest Americans is up by an astonishing 84%.

Noted Covid critic Steve Kirsch checked and verified Dowd’s findings after he presented them to War Room. In his follow-up analysis, Kirsch provided several supporting pieces of evidence that validate Dowd’s findings, including data from the Federal Government and the UK.

The data seems to check out across the board. Kirsch even concludes that the excess deaths aren’t being caused by Covid, so, the vaccines are the most likely culprit for the increases.

From Kirsch, who included links to all of the supporting data:

“Now let’s go over some of the details of what Ed Dowd found and explain why there is no other explanation.

  1. Ed’s friend (who I know but doesn’t want to be disclosed publicly) spent about a week analyzing the CDC data. The graph in the article is from the CDC data, but is plotted by Ed’s friend. He didn’t make anything up.
  2. The work was replicated independently (see also the graphs).
  3. These graphs of excess mortality in Europe show things got worse, not better after the vaccine rollout:

5. The following image (a stacked bar of COVID and other excess deaths) that was created by MiloMac is hard for anyone to explain because the deaths went up when the booster/vax mandates were put in place:

Although the greatest contributor to deaths 25-44 is “COVID,” that makes no sense because the delta wave started in June, 2021 and nothing happened to COVID deaths during that time. If any virus is going to kill massive numbers of people, it would be the highly contagious and hard to treat Delta variant. Yet no significant change in excess deaths from COVID. All the excess deaths peaked in August right after the mandates.”

Meanwhile, the so-called public health ‘experts’ are nowhere to be found on this issue; Their silence is deafening.

The deaths are just the tip of the iceberg, too. For several months now, actual experts like Robert Malone – the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology – and Dr. Peter McCullough – the most published and cited cardiologist in the world – have been warning about the “reprehensible and reckless” conduct by US public health officials with the experimental Covid-19 Vaccines – especially the recent decision to approve the jab for young children.

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According to McCullough, who cites several studies to back his claims, Vaccine Induced Myocarditis is a rapidly growing problem that has become at least 50% more common than originally predicted by the US public health ‘experts.’ The condition has become so prevalent, he says, that children aged 12 to 17 are actually “more likely to be hospitalized with Myocarditis” after taking the vaccine than the virus itself.

The damages from this vaccine will linger for years to come, with countless Americans needlessly suffering from severe injury or death caused by the experimental jab. In addition to the myocarditis cases, there have also been over 20,000 deaths and over a million adverse events logged into VAERS since the beginning of the pandemic – which is an astounding number for any vaccine. In the past, vaccines would be pulled if they caused double-digit deaths, let alone tens of thousands.


Author: maskfree