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Vaksine Risks

Vaksine Risks Teens and young adults: are you a follower? Or are you a Katniss,…

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Father & Son Athletes Both in ICU With Blood Clots After First pfizer Jab

A few weeks after 6’9″ basketball center Everest Romney scored 18 points in a high…

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Are you getting the jab? Please watch this first.

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The Deadly COVID-19 “Vaccine” Coverup

May 4, 2021 Source: Vaccine dangers hiding in plain sight FACT: There has been…

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This is based on current “official” numbers. Keep in mind…the CDC itself has admitted that…

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Study of Almost 10 Million Finds NO ASYMPTOMATIC COVID SPREAD

Source: Whether or not coronavirus can be spread asymptomatically is perhaps the most important…

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A Wake-Up Call to the World

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After nine months, we still know masks don’t work

ANALYSIS BY LEN CABRERA After nine months, we still know masks don’t work Recently we…

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The Truth About the COVID-19 Vaccine & COVID-19 – Dr. Simone Gold

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Dr. Lee Merritt on the Face Mask Fraud

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